How magnesium can change your life

Jessie Charlton

Posted on May 25 2018

Being a mum is a tiring job! What if I told you adding one micro-mineral to your day could drastically change your life....hard to believe i know!

Magnesium is vital for so many functions in our body but 80% of adults tested are deficient. Here's the top 8 reasons why you should be getting more of it!

1. Its a natural sleep aid

Having pretty much 17 years of interrupted sleep with my kids, I feel like im constantly tired!  Everyone needs sleep and fortunately, magnesium helps you get more of it. Maintaining appropriate levels of this crucial mineral boosts your brain’s GABA receptors, which are in charge of helping your brain switch off every night. As early as your first day with increased magnesium levels you could start to experience deeper, more restful sleep.

2. Its an energy booster

Magnesium plays a major role in breaking glucose down into energy. When levels of this mineral are low this process slows down significantly and your heart rate and oxygen intake increase, causing exhaustion. For increased stamina it is important to ensure you have appropriate magnesium levels. Kids are constantly on the move so taking magnesium to keep up with them seems like a no-brainer right?

3. It soothes sore muscles

Magnesium deficiency can enhance pain and tension in your muscles, but maintaining proper levels of this nutrient helps your muscles relax and makes them more malleable.  Imagine getting pain relief naturally and fixing the problem at the root instead of relying on over the counter drugs to get you through

4. It eases joint pain

Magnesium is one of 18 minerals that play a major role in your joint health; it soothes inflammation which can cause stiff painful joints.  Adding this essential mineral to your system boosts your joint mobility and reduces inflammation that may be stiffening you up. More often than not, after using magnesium, people report full range of motion and reduced pain. You could do away with medicated lotions, put down the painkillers and feel even better, naturally; it’s a win-win situation

5. It moisturises your skin

This is an interesting benefit that surprises a lot of people: magnesium has positive effects on the feel and appearance of your skin. This is because it’s an electrolyte, which play an important part in keeping your cells hydrated. When you are adequately hydrated, your skin appears more youthful. Magnesium supplements that you apply topically have a more direct impact on your skin. I’ve always been drawn to natural skin care solutions personally and this one is extremely effective.

6. It supports healthy Blood Pressure

While magnesium should never be used to replace medical prescriptions, it can help maintain normal blood circulation which in turn helps support healthy blood pressure. This is probably linked to magnesium’s positive effects on muscles (including the heart). 

7. It relieves stress

Magnesium regulates the nervous system and may help prevent stress, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. Magnesium also has a positive impact on the health of your heart and arteries, which is important for anyone experiencing regular stress.

During periods of extreme stress or anxiety, magnesium is required in greater quantities. This is a mineral that naturally calms our muscular and nervous systems, which is why people often experience muscle cramps when they are deficient. Similarly, when it comes to physical reactions to stress (such as anxiety attacks), it may be that magnesium deficiency is at least partly to blame. These reactions further deplete the body of the mineral, making supplementation even more important. This can be a never-ending cycle, but you can get ahead of it with the simple addition of a magnesium supplement. 

8. It gets rid of mum-brain!

Low levels of magnesium can cause extreme stress and fatigue on the brain, so getting the proper amount of magnesium into your system can accelerate your brain function. People who take magnesium daily report a feeling similar to a fog being lifted from their mind and they experience stronger cognitive abilities by simply adding this ‘master mineral’ to their routine. 


These top 8 reason are just a few reasons why you should be adding this amazing mineral into your daily routine. 

We are loving the Magnesium Mousse made right here in Kerikeri by Nature Body NZ. Unlike internal doses it can bypass the digestive system & be absorbed straight into blood & musles where it is needed...try it out today!


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